Past Erasmus+ Exchanges



Tolerance and Culture awareness, 24th May – 2nd June

15 young people each from the Ukraine, Italy and Azerbaijan and Norfolk participated in this exchange in Rivne, Ukraine.


Appreciating Diversity, 18th to 29th of October

15 young people each from Spain, Moldova, Russia and Norfolk participated in this exchange in Tula, Russia. These young people came together to discuss diversity while learning about each countries culture.


Diversity and Cultural Awareness around the EU, 11th to 19th of February.

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland and UK sent 12 young people each to participate in this exchange that took place in Norfolk, at the Eccles Hall School. The young people did non-formal diversity workshops in small groups and also invited local people to a cultural awareness day.

The Troubled World and the EU, 27th of May to 3rd of June.

Twelve young people from each Romania, Lithuania, Denmark, Greece and UK participated in this exchanged, where they were split into 4 mixed groups to discuss asylum seeking in the EU. At the end they presented the work to the rest of the group. The exchange took place in Norfolk.


Breaking Down Borders through Culture and Art, 22nd to 1st of August.

Fifteen young people from each Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Italy and the UK took place in an exchange held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Disability? What is it?, 22nd to 30th of October

Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy and UK participated in this exchange with 12 young people with special needs and 4 volunteers from each country. It took place in Norfolk, at the Eccles Hall School, and they all worked together around disability through non-formal workshops on drama, art, discussion and films.


European Cultural Awareness, 7th to 15th of April.

We reunited 12 young people from each Denmark, Greece, Romania, Lithuania and the UK. It has held Eccles Hall School and the project included young people cooking food from their countries and presenting their cultures to local people in Norfolk.

Eastern-West Come Together as One, 23rd to 31st of May.

This project reunited 15 young people from each participating country: Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Italy and UK. The project tackled the problems of xenophobia and how to solve them.


In February 15-23, 2014 we hosted a Special Needs Exchange at New Eccles Hall School, Norfolk. Follow the link above to learn more about exchange.





Youth Exchange in Poland, October 7th-15th. Read our member`s report about the Poland Exchange.


Youth Exchange Belarus, July 19-29


Youth Exchange Serbia, 25 July – 3 August

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April (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria) – 60 participants

February (Germany, Poland, Slovenia, UK) – 60 participants


August (Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, UK) = 60 participants

June (Kosovo, Estonia, UK) – 51 participants

April, Special needs exchange (Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, UK) – 60 participants


August (Russia, Netherlands, Belarus, UK) – 60 participants

July (Azerbaijan, Poland, Russia, UK) – 60 participants

June (Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, UK) – 60 participants

February, Special needs exchange (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland, UK) – 60 participants


August (Malta, Czech Republic, Hungary, UK) – 60 participants

February (Kosovo, Serbia, Estonia, UK) – 60 participants

January (Russia, Belarus, Netherlands, UK) – 60 participants


October (Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, UK) – 60 participants

August (Estonia, Italy, Germany, UK) – 60 participants

April (Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, UK) – 60 participants

February, Special needs exchange (Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, UK) – 60 participants


August (Sweden, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, UK) – 60 participants

July (Bosnia, Kosovo, UK) – 60 participants

April (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, UK) – 60 participants

February (Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, UK) – 60 participants